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I’m Judy Chin a real estate consultant in Northern New Jersey by NYC transit towns and have served home buyers, home owners and veterans in a robust housing market and also during the housing recession. Consider me your partner as you journey from being a renter to home owner. I’m also a home + lifestyle blogger and social influencer sharing what I love on products/services, people and places. Yes I’m a food and travel junkie too having visited both USA cities and abroad.

What did you do before real estate?

Prior to real estate, I held marketing and brand management roles for various luxury fashion brands including: Dior, Debeers and my favorite Birkenstock!

Why do I love homes & real estate?

I fell in love with real estate early on.  I remember when I relocated to New Jersey from Manhattan I noticed the homes in various communities revealed a unique story no matter which town I traveled to. Here’s the thing about homes and communities: it’s the love and personality of the homeowner that make it special. I’ve been to the smallest of homes and appreciated it just as much as the mini mansions.  Helping a home buyer find their starter home, forever home and/or investment home is still a terrific feeling each and every time.  I focus the majority of my business in Northern New Jersey by NYC commuter lines.

How Many Homes Have I Sold or Staged?

Really?  Sorry to disappoint, I hope that matters not.  Selling a home IS important but it’s not about how many homes I sold.  It’s YOUR investment first and YOU have to feel good about it. However, despite the annual awards, let’s say I’ve been proud to help home owners negotiate the best price possible and ensuring home buyers are happy with their home selection.  Home is a personal lifestyle for and about you and finding that neighborhood and community that clicks with you is important. To you it’s more then a house to boast about, rather it’s a home to create memories in. In New Jersey, some homeowners are still facing the threat of foreclosure. I continue to help homeowners as best as I can in the short sale process.

Why am I Blogging?

I’ve been told I’m resourceful and received real estate related questions and practical lifestyle related ones like: How did you do that? Where did you get that?  Where’s the best place to eat?  How did you save on that? And the best  question yet…  What do I do now that I’m a home owner?!  I’m here for you as I share resources and stories on home life including my take on DIY home creative projects, lifestyle, food, travel and wellness related topics with you.   When I try something out and share a review you’ll get my no filter honest opinion. I’d like to offer some encouragement on this blog so join me on this journey and share in the fun!

I heard you love food, travel, DIY-ing and finding a good deal?

I’m a bit of a food and travel junkie having been all over the United States with a few more cities to check off and abroad from Hong Kong to Dubai, Belgium to Paris, London to Belize, Trinidad/Tobago to Venice, Mexico to Jamaica and the bucket list continues locally. Naturally as a realtor by day, I’m obsessed with home related things and whenever possible tackle DIY projects & decorate on a sensible budget because lets face it, it’s not HOW much you spend–Style is Style!

During the last economic crisis, I’ve helped countless homeowners start over by avoiding foreclosure. They’ve shared their most intimate personal finance story or lack there of (and I mean nothing left for retirement) so whether you own a home and/or just starting over–I hope this blog is helpful for you.  Life begins now!

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Got an idea or good scoop? Let me know!  Are you a blogger, brand/company, local designer/retailer or you get the idea. I’m all for collaborations so reach out in the Contact Me section!

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