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Do It Yourself Decorating for Every Room

Recently I had a client ask what interior decorators charge and I thought to myself why not try do it yourself decorating?  On average decorators charge $350 per 1 hour consultation and offer different service packages that can scale up to $5000 or more for a whole house re-design.  While that may sound like a steep price to pay but not necessarily since decorators can create a theme that embodies the true essence of you.  Decorators also come in handy if you have a partner with opposing design views. Some people appreciate modern design, global influences and others like country cottage.  Imagine that!  You just purchased a home and the fun and creative part never happens because there are small silly squabbles over colors!


While I’m not a classically trained interior designer, I have seen my fair share of homes over the years to get a decorating sense.  As usual, I’m all for spending the least amount of money when decorating because it feels like a super challenge to achieve the low in the high or low design challenge.  Often times, with a little bit of nature (aka flowers and plants), elbow grease for painting neutrals and an occasional pop of wall color and good home accessories.  You’d be surprised how creative you really are.  Tap into that creative artist in you. Don’t be afraid, get inspired!




1. Fruits and Vegetables

do it yourself decorating

Yellow Bananas bring a pop to your cream kitchen

Heading to your local supermarket and/or farmers market with your grocery list for your fruits and vegetables is the easiest way to decorate.  You were planning to pick up those ripe yellow bananas and cherry red tomatoes anyway right?  Why not use them as decoration until you’re ready to meal prep.


2.  Flower Power

do it yourself decorating

Peonies, pineapple, bananas, tomatoes

If you’re a home owner and are able to plant flowers you’ll be greeted with English garden every spring season. Imagine a bed of roses, peonies, daffodils, tulips and any imaginable flower you can dream of as home decor. Here’s a simple way to use primary colors from your fruit and vegetables along with peonies. Edible AND fragrant!


3.  Paint is your friend

do it yourself decorating

Paint, Wall Art and Mirrors


Paint is one of those affordable and quick design solutions to neutralize and freshen up a room.  Paint can run from $21 to $68 per gallon.  Order pizza and have a pizza painting party!  Some of the most popular colors are shades of grey and taupe/tan providing for a neutral palate making it easy to re-decorate with home accessories.


4.  Global design

do it yourself decorating

Global Design Influences


When you travel, do you collect chotchkies or interesting cultural accessories?  Most have fallen into the habit of visiting local home decor stores which is great for community support, but imagine visiting a foreign country and picking up an interesting item?  Or perhaps a friend of yours gave you a home decor gift–perfect design idea!


5. Throw Pillows and Bed Linens

Color Fiesta pillows

Do it yourself decorating with colorful bed linens and throw pillows is one of the easiest ways to transform a room.  If you keep your walls neutral in color, decorating is simple.  In fact, you can update fairly frequently if you’d like.


6.  Curtains

If you’re the type that like white hotel inspired bed linens then using curtains is another simple idea to enliven your space.


7. Wall and Word Art

do it yourself decorating

Memories and Wall Art


Who doesn’t like positive affirmations?  Using stencils, word art and prints is one of my favorite ways to decorate and you can customize each room.  In the kitchen, find some catchy food inspired phrases and in the living room selecting phrases like “Home is family” bring a smile to your face every time you look at it.


8. Window flower pots

do it yourself decorating

Are we in Quebec?

I’ll admit it this idea is fully inspired by my travels to Europe and Canada.  Have you ever been to either?  For a few dollars, blossoming flowers bring a bit of English garden to your home landscape.  In the winter, however don’t forget to bring those pots in and get ready for your fall and winter decorations.


Designing doesn’t have to be overwhelming nor costly.  If you don’t have the time and insist you didn’t inherit the decorating gene then certainly hire a re-designer or home stager.  You’d be surprised how happy you’ll be when your home is de-cluttered and decorated to suit your design sense.  Need help? Feel free to reach out in the Contact me page.


If you’re like me and up for a challenge, go for it.  Share your photos on my facebook judyhometrends page!  How much did you spend on your re-design and re-purpose room project?

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