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Touring Paradise Island in the Bahamas

There’s no wonder the Bahamas has been voted as one of the Caribbean islands most visited by vacationers. Touring Paradise Island in the Bahamas whether through a hotel/air package or a cruise line is a popular vacation choice for singles, couples and multi-generational families. For starters the vacation packages are fairly affordable depending on where you depart from.  For instance often times you can score a cruise trip from Florida ports for less then $300/person if you’re travelling off-season (typically starting in October). Note:  October starts hurricane season for many Caribbean islands, but don’t let that deter you.  I’ve traveled during hurricane season and it’s hit or miss.  If it’s a short trip you might get lucky and avoid rain/hurricanes altogether.  I pick up travelers insurance offered by the travel agency and sometimes your credit card covers you too.  Just remember to read the fine print. If you’re on a cruise, the good thing is you’ll be dry as you immerse yourself in indoor cruise activities.  However you may endure some turbulence on the ship.  So weigh out the pros and cons on saving a few hundred bucks/person.  If you’re staying at a hotel, you may not have the same beach time, however there’s a lot of non beach activities on the island too.  Several all inclusive hotels have specials and Hotel Riu Paradise Island is one of the best in addition to the ever popular family friendly The Atlantis Paradise Island.


For those that have been to Nassau and Paradise Island, Bahamas I know you may say but the Bahamas is so much more than those 2 islands!  So true, the other side of Bahamas is the outer islands, simply tranquil, mystical and fully exclusive.  You may need to private jet in or take a ferry over to the other outer islands.  But it’s well worth the trip whether you stay local in Nassau or if you’re happy touring Paradise Island in the Bahamas.  It’s all terrific.  Take it all in and relax friends.  You’re in the islands now!


I mean for starters the blue/green ocean water is heaven! Here’s the thing, be fully forewarned that the beaches in Paradise Island can get crowded later in the day.  Expect tourists from the cruise lines too.  However take a dip first thing in the morning.  Get up early and head out to relax.  Cozy up with a book, meditate or whatever else helps you connect with the beautiful blue waters.

Touring Paradise island in the bahamas

Paradise Island Bahamas

Touring Paradise Island in the bahamas

Kalik Beer

Sip on Kalik, a local beer!  I had to stop a friendly local and ask him to please pose with the beer and if I could please “try” one.  No dice, he was on a delivery run.  Even though you might lodge at Paradise Island, don’t forget Nassau Bahamas and do a deep dive and head into historic Nassau.  Here you’ll find true local Bahamian food and appreciate the hospitable locals.  Walk along the streets and marvel at the colorful Colonial style architecture.  If you’re into fish and seafood, check out Arawak Cay.  Here you’ll find  non-assuming, low-key fried fish shacks and knock back a few cold Kalik beers!

TIP: Head to Arawak Cay for some local food!  Fried Fish and beers anyone?

Touring Paradise Island in the Bahamas

Colorful Streets of Nassau Bahamas

Here’s what we did to save a few coins, we stayed at the Comfort Suites Paradise Island and still had all the FULL benefits of enjoying The Atlantis. The newly renovated Comfort Suites is affiliated with Choice Hotels and as a member, I was beyond thrilled with their facilities.  Don’t get me the wrong way, The Atlantis is AMAZING, but also AMAZINGLY jam packed with vacationers.  Your family will appreciate the slower pace and amenities of Comfort Suites:  1)  kids stay free 2)  full complimentary breakfast 3)  day passes to the Atlantis including Aquaventure and its exclusive facilities, including swimming pools, private beach, magnificent waterscapes, river rides, water slides, health spa, tennis courts, golf, Kids Camp, movie theatre, casino, and more! As an added bonus, you’ll also have signing privileges at the Atlantis lounges and restaurants 4)  Free Wifi and most importantly it’s affordable!  I enjoyed my stay and the convenience of accessing downtown Nassau.

TIP: Stay at accommodations whether it’s a hotel, guest house, air bnb, friend’s house NEAR where all the action is and buy a DAY FUN pass to the Atlantis.  The day pass is typically under $120 for adults and children from 4-12 years old $79.  (prices may vary)


It’s fun to step away from the major tourist attractions of Paradise Island but be sure to visit the Straw Market.  Here you’ll find woodwork artisans chiseling away at a piece of wood to produce one of a kind home decor!  Check out my buddy here.

touring paradise island in the bahamas

Woodwork Artisan

These ladies were having fun and working. Island life must be nice right?  What was so terrific is you’ll watch them craft these beautiful straw hats, and of course I had to pick one up!  I know you can buy them anywhere now but I mean how can you resist and besides a purchase meant supporting the local economy.

Touring Paradise Island in the Bahamas

Straw Market in Nassau Bahamas

The Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas

The Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas

I wish I had take more photos because we’re talking 141 acres of non stop fun!  So guess what I was doing? Enjoying so much that I lost track.


Touring Paradise Island in the bahamas

Fish colorful

This is my 2nd trip to the Bahamas and it’s an easy guilt free trip for a short/long weekend or if you have a flexible schedule head during the week.  It’s affordable and family friendly. Next time I head over to the Bahamas, I’m escaping to the Outer islands but for a quick getaway from New York or Florida, give the Bahamas a try and remember to get up EARLY to enjoy some private moments at the beach.  Take your pick Cable Beach, Junkanoo Beach and of course Paradise Beach are all yours.   Where did you go when you visited Paradise Island?  Goodbye Paradise Island Bahamas, until next time!


Paradise Island Bahamas

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