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Housewarming Gifts Got Sweeter with Chambre De Sucre


“Sweet & Sugar Set”


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My favorite find!  Chambre De Sucre Sugar Set This could be one my favorite “tasks” for the day…looking for that very special housewarming/closing gift for my clients.  But sometimes, I drive myself crazy thinking up ideas.  What would my clients want?  I’ve purchased items, made things, the whole nine, eight, and seven yards!  The whole home buying/selling process can be challenging–but somehow everything works out beautifully.  And I’m happy and honored my clients entrusted me with the process.  Offering a gift of appreciation or HURRAH/ CONGRATULATIONS for my clients only seems fitting. Even now I’m so long overdue on finding the “just perfect” gift–WAY LONG OVERDUE! Months & months overdue!  But the surprise of them getting something is FUN.  To find that RIGHT gift is the challenge.  Somehow a bottle of wine isn’t enough–besides I drank it already. (Not really)  So as I browsed online today,  I stumbled upon this very special website AHA Life and scouted a couple of sweet finds!  And whenever I uncover these great diamonds of a find, I want one for myself too!

Sharing my Favorite Find….someone is getting this in about a month!  Ahhhh the sweet taste of coffee just got better! Yes, you can buy a bag of brown sugar and pour it in a jar, but how much nicer is this?  Thank you Chambre De Sucre!

Learn more: Chambre De Sucre

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  • judyhometrends

    I’m looking forward to see what they come up with next! So glad I found for these special finds!